SUPER-FROM KOALA. Handmade ceramic for Australia, from Italy.

December 17, 2019: the hottest day in Australia. The pre-Christmas atmosphere is inured by the tragic news of Overseas fires , stats reporting tragic numbers on the impact of fire on flora and fauna. Negative news which unfortunately still doesn't stop coming.
Koalas, animals that have long been declared as "functionally extinct", are even more in danger. The fires would have hit 186 "vulnerable", 110 "endangered" and 31 "critically endangered" species: koalas are not the only victims, but they are one of the symbols of the tragedy.
For this reason we decided to pay homage to these endemic animals with our ceramic objects, all unique pieces taking their shape from a handmade sculpture; then decorated with different techniques. A huge thanks to Ylli Plaka e Studio ERNAN Design Ceramiche Albisola.
Project by Omar Tonella e Federica Delprino.

Dobbolo“. Sculpture and ceramic vase.
An object, multiple verses and uses.

In Dobbolo two different aides meet and support each other, summarizing a global one that always has two (and more) versions of itself: the two ceramic elements can be separated and used differently. The arms become the base, the body becomes the vessel; their balance changes and evolves, with a continuous support in different but stable ways. Ceramic base and vase body have been handmade realized by the artisan Marco Tortarolo, according to a project by Omar Tonella e Federica Delprino. Available in different versions, with various colors. Blue and yellow version shown in the RE-CLAY exhibition at Kélyfos Gallery in Albissola Marina.

“Apollo ’19”. Ceramica Lamp.

A balancing game which brings light. A serie of objects inspired by unions, encounters and coexistence. Indissoluble and essential to each other, they are in balance. Without one of the two parts there would be no sculpture, container, light or content. In Apollo there are two different realities that support each other: one "lunar" and the other contemporary, with a more refined and clean appearance. As if it had just landed from the farthest space, we are facing a kind of didactic object for the human race.

Two ceramic cones hand-lathed by the craftsman Marco Tortarolo (in Albisola), according to a project by Omar Tonella e Federica Delprino. Available in different versions, with smooth or swollen earth, with natural or pastel earth color. Blue version on display at Kélyfos Gallery in Albissola Marina (RE-CLAY design exhibition).

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