“A voi e famiglia”

I nostri auguri tipografici con cui abbiamo augurato un felice Natale e anno nuovo a tutti i nostri collaboratori, amici e follower!




DeGENOAtion. Saying and visual problems.


Genova. Liguria is a land submerged by water: climate change is (unfortunately) a daily trend topic. We witness cyclical phenomenons which come back with a devastating and constant timing. Design's future might be the awakening of dormant creative ideas, aiming to tell how and what is changing. The whole entity of change is proportional to our ability to find specific and common solutions, but also to make what already surrounds us worse.


Composition VIII

A trip between tridimensional forms in an abstract painting, re-created using C4D.

Un video di animazione creato con Cinema 4D che permette di entrare in quelle forme geometriche che compongono il quadro di Wassily Kandinsky (per gli amici Vasilij Vasil’evič Kandinskij) e quindi immaginarne la sua genesi. Anzi, viverla da spettatori.


Art as deflection!

Deformed reflection on the meanings of the word "ARTE" (= art), a typographic deformation as a quote of other worlds; nothing new, just another thinking flow.


Vectorial Illustration of a thoughtful thinker

Decomposing reality in geometry is a way to read the surroundings. You can build whatever you want: squinting your eyes, shapes come clear. We are primitives inside, outside and in our sight.

Syria and American Stars

Design is a contemporary phenomenon and should tell the social phases about the era it's happening into. Space doesn't count in kilometres, but in semiotic and semantic movements which translate contemporary events: Syria is under American stars and it's totally destroyed by their explosive weight - that's so silent to us.

24h. Seeing. doing.

Documenting, each hour for 24 hours, what we see through our eyes and action made with hands.

Documentare così, con un libro, le azioni e le sensazioni di una giornata. Coinvolgere i sensi in modo istintivo, senza una progettazione prventiva.


Another history

A serie of historical photos, famous and well-known in the common cultural iconography, in which people's faces are swapped in a clearly fake way. The disorienting effect is enhanced by the choice of leaving post-production mistakes visible, so that we can make the observer notice that something has been modified and wrong.



Pinocchio, a history made of graphics

An experiment born from a never joint contest. A poster which hints what could've been done, what may be for other worlds, situations, stories.

Selenium glaze, intense colors and lucky mixtures


An experiment about glazed finishing and new (for us) roads. Ours is a path made of tests and experimentations involving also ceramics, a very historical material coming from the Earth's core. A serie of vases lathed by the ceramist Marco Tortarolo and glazed by Omar Tonella.
Una serie di vasi torniti dal ceramista Marco Tortarolo e smaltati da Omar Tonella.

Solve internal war


Internal wars have always been one the most intense fights in mankind history, because that's where the external ones are from. The solution is looking deep, getting to know ourselves.

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