Many pieces of us,
a contemporary space

Professionals with different skills, in a single loft. In Savona, in Via Monteverdi 5, the new brand studio is ready to embrace new ideas, people, projects.
Bianchi e Bosoni, Super-From, Comfort Arredo.

Ezio Gribaudo and Casa Jorn, a rattling comeback

Ten unseen ceramic plates become an exhibition and a photographic and narrative book describing a brilliant process. Our meeting with the Turinese artist Ezio Gribaudo in the amazing location of Casa Jorn and the resulting catalog.

Leggi l’articolo

Salvatore Arancio bring Debord to Casa Jorn with the exhibition “Like a Sort of Pompeii in Reverse”

A photographic visual telling of the colors and shapes proposed by the Catanese sculptor, who brings his exhibition to the historical setting of Albissola Marina before going to Paris.

Saint Sebastian: ceramic stabbed by light

The vases by Vincenzo Cabiati, the photo shots by Marcello Campora. An installation at the Savona Ceramics Museum which combines a mapping of the Multiplicity "Scanner" video and the ceramics works.

A story in the story, which let Ligurian landscape and traditions closer to the contemporary nature of neon and digital.

We'd have all the chances to
be united!

Reasoning about necessities: the Unity of people is to be re-built, but it is possible doing it through intention. The concept of being more human hold by the one of re-construction, made real thanks to the typical tiles from children's games. Again, a return to the roots.

The future is a research and a continuous composition: it's just from the idea of construction that a font comes to life; it is based on the Institute Ferraris Pancaldo of Savona's logo, used as constructive module. This is a communication campaign to tell a school's vision, which is committed to build the future with its energy and sustainability.

Moltissime Volte

A logotype to share an identity, on the move. Because we build ourselves, we evolve.


Emotional Maps

Photos of memories becoming roads, marks stating the path of our life. Paths that only we know, but we've written on the skin.
A photographic series impressing on people skin, through projections, those memories and those feelings which are usually just internal.

Congo, the Coltan's horror

From a tribute to Joseph Conrad an important social tale has born.

In Venice people is forced to walk in very narrow streets, one person close to the other, at a distance usually considered as invasive. We are close to the crowd, body to body, and feeling almost into houses of the people living on the ground floor. All around the city there are signs of bricked-up doors and windows, remembrance of a place which has been living on many layers. And accepting different concepts of closeness between inhabitants, merchants, then tourists.

The forced closeness in Venice

Sensorial experiment

The perception of objects change according to the senses which we involve while we explore it. Some people have been blindfolded and first touch a composition of objects, then have to draw them without seeing. In the second phase, they touch the composition again, always with a band on their eyes, then they draw it as they imagined seeing the sheet. In the third phase, they see what they are facing and then they try to reproduce it on paper.
The experiment plays on senses, on our relationship with them and on the way in which they affect our imagination.
L’esperimento gioca sui sensi, sul nostro rapporto con essi e sul modo in cui influenzano la nostra immaginazione.